Saturday, December 31, 2011

Classic Indulgence: Strawberry Ice Cream from Yellow Cab

If Audrey Hepburn donned pink....

...she would be strawberry ice cream from Yellow Cab -- simple yet satisfyingly sassy.

This classic frozen treat is lightly sweet and creamy; you'd want to take one strawberry spoonful after another.

Eat it alone or better yet, share it with someone special.

Like I did.

New Year date with mommy

1/2 pint ice cream comes in four flavors
photo from: Yellow Cab 

Strawberry Ice Cream (P105) bought at Yellow Cab Eastwood City Walk 1, Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City. Call 02-4212222 or 02-4219421 for delivery. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Ceramic knives: a cut above your average steel knives

A woman who cooks needs her cutlery.  Her chef's knife should be as enduring as her spirit and as sharp as her tongue.  The moment she takes hold of her knife, she should know that they belong together, like fragrant kitchen smells and mothers.

I'm not a woman who cooks. But my mom is. For quite some time now, she's been harping on about the colorful ceramic knives used by the kids in Junior Master Chef Philippines.  When I saw this handsome charcoal black ceramic knife, I just knew that its dark sturdy grip would be perfect for her smooth white hands.   

Ceramic knives seem to have dull edges, but you'd only have to lightly touch their tips and look closely at the curbs of their smooth bodies to realize how cutting-edge they truly are. They're not necessarily sharper than all steel knives, but these guys can out-cut your average steel knife contender anytime.

Don't let their hardy exteriors fool you; they're more lightweight than steel knives of the same size, making them less fatiguing to use.  They're also resistant to corrosion and won't leave any aftertaste on your food. 

However, since they're created from very hard material (ceramic is second in hardness to diamond), ceramic knives are also more brittle. Don't use them to crush garlic or cut through bone. They should also never be handed over to an abusive partner who takes his cutlery for granted. If you're one to toss your knife to the kitchen sink after using it, don't get a ceramic knife. However, if you're one who knows the worth of his cutlery, then this baby is for you.  Take care of it and you can be assured of long years together.  

You can trust your ceramic knife to be with you ten times longer than a high carbon steel knife.

Unfortunately, I wasn't aware then that there were also "best brands" when it comes to kitchen knives.  The best ceramic knives are said to be made by Kyocera (the first to actually market them) and Asahi.  A 7-inch Kyocera Chef's Knife would cost you around P3500.00. 

If you dislike sharpening your knives frequently and know how to pamper them, then go and get a set of these sharp-edged cutlery.    

Kaiser Hoffmann 7" Ceramic Chef's Knife, Dark Edition (P1250) is available at Rustan's Supermarket, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

I took a bite out of an iPhone: iPhone Chocolate by Park Avenue Desserts

What do you do when you need a quick pick-me-up?  Get your phone and take a huge bite. 

 I just did...from this creamy bittersweet Belgian chocolate iPhone creation by Park Avenue Desserts.

Our boss (who tells me that PAD makes the best brownies too) gave each of us this fun treat for Christmas.  He also tells me the icons are all wrong.  Who cares? It's a big block of CHOCOLATE I can gobble up!

I couldn't take a nibble at first, since it looked too cool to ruin with my little teeth.  But today, I couldn't resist. It was calling me!

There's still some left on the table, waiting for the next big bite.  Who wants to answer?

Belgian Chocolate iPhone is on limited supply at Park Avenue Desserts.   PAD by Chef Buddy Trinidad is located at #7 G/F MagaCenter, Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center, 1232 Makati, Philippines.  For inquiries and reservations, call 02-8526141.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweet Christmas Gelato Cakes at Cara Mia Gelateria - Di Lusso and Mango Felicity

I was excited to stuff myself with dessert while out on a date with Tiffany, one of my very best friends.  After a filling dinner, we checked out the delectable-looking treats at Cara Mia Gelateria. There were so many gorgeous gelato cakes to choose from!

abbygabyfoodie does not know what to eat
Gelato is an ambiguous italian term for frozen sweet treats like ice cream and sorbet. However, it has come to mean something different from your usual ice cream. Gelato is made with less butterfat, has more milk, and has less air than ice cream. You can also zest it up with with fruits, nuts, spices and liquor flavors.

I wanted something chocolate and something strawberry, and finally settled on Di Lusso (lusso is italian for luxurious or rich). The description sounded lavish enough -- a combination of pistachio, chocolate and strawberry gelato enrobed in chocolate ganache and resting on a bed of crushed graham.

Di Lusso, photo from Cara Mia Facebook page

Tiffany placed her sweet bet on Mango Felicity, fresh mango chunks on a soft sponge-y bed.

Mango Felicity, photo from Cara Mia Facebook page

Both cakes were beautifully presented.  I couldn't wait to dig in!

I liked the rich ganache which went perfectly with the more subdued sweetness of the strawberry, chocolate,  and pistachio center.  You can't go wrong with this combination of flavors; they just melted, blended, settled, and just like that, they were gone.  So you just have to take another tongue-cooling bite.

What I didn't like were the chocolate flowers on top.  They looked so pretty and yummy, but eating them was like putting a spoonful of butter in my mouth.

The Mango Felicity was even less sweeter.  As Tiffany said, without the graham crust, this cake would lack taste. The mangoes were also not as "succulent" as advertised.  In fact, I could barely distinguish the mangoes from the gelatin they were embedded in.

I don't think I could be blamed for expecting a rich gelato treat. Since gelato has less air, it's known to be denser and to have more intense flavors. However, these cakes were very light and in the case of the Mango Felicity, the flavors were a bit imperceptible.

Still, I had fun with my bestie. Cara Mia's atmosphere was good for girl bonding.


taking crazy pictures...

...and of course...


Cara Mia Gelateria is located at SM Megamall Atrium, 3rd Level EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines.  For inquiries, call 02-6361341.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Family Feast at Trio

Italian-style dining for friends and family
published in Appetite Magazine, August 2011 issue.

When I think Italy, I think food.  To go to Italy without getting a taste of Italian cuisine is tantamount to culinary blasphemy.  Italy’s food bible The Silver Spoon actually calls eating “a serious matter in Italy.”    Just like us Filipinos who can’t resist a family feast, Italians also thrive on good company, good wine and good food.

I didn’t have to go far to get a taste of Italy.  It took just one ride to the Fort to discover the spirit of a hearty Italian meal in the ristorante Trio.  Classy yet comfortable, Trio is what it markets itself to be – the perfect place for gatherings Italian (or you could say, Filipino) style.  In fact, the whole place which seats 140 can be reserved for parties or company functions.

Managing Director Ian Palabyab says that other restaurants claiming to be Italian would also be pricey.  Trio meals, to my delight, served huge portions at reasonable prices.  Aside from the single serving, the recently upgraded menu captures the essence of an authentic Italian meal – that is, family-sized helpings of yummy no-nonsense Italian food which could serve three or four people.

Given the eight-year track record of Trio, I was surprised to learn that the kitchen was under the direction of a young chef.  Don’t let his youth fool you though.  26-year old Corporate Chef Benny Liboro trained under the strict supervision of several chefs, aside from being schooled in an Australian culinary school.  His resume is a tour on world flavors as he has worked in Greek, French and Japanese restaurants.  This includes one of Perth’s famous eateries, Etro Bistro, where he was supervised by French Chef Patrick Panier. 

Talking to Chef Benny would already give you a foretaste to a Trio dish. Confident and vigorous in his speech, Chef Benny exemplified the robustness of a simple yet filling meal.  He tells us that Italian food is actually simple. Authentic Italian food uses light ingredients which can fill you up, without making you feel heavy.  Although I was excited to try the main courses, I couldn’t pass up on the Trio Salad (P275, P595) which was a generous serving of fresh mesclun greens topped with dried cranberries, candied walnuts, gorgonzola and raspberry vinaigrette.  

Chef Benny’s love for food began with his love for eating.  He remembers his dad feeding him Dominoes pizza when he was young. Now, his dad doesn’t need to deliver the pizzas to him anymore. Benny makes them!   I especially like the fire-baked Capriciossa thin crust pizza (P255) which had toppings of salami, smoked ham, mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and eggs. 

Some of the dishes which are said to be single serving could arguably feed two people.  Take the Bistro Steak (P445, P995) for example. This juicy chunk of US Angus Beef is thick, tender, and served with a huge helping of garlicky home-made mashed potatoes and vegetables. 

Of course, we cannot talk about Italian food without thinking about pasta. If you want the perfect light pasta dish to complement the heavier meat dishes, I would also recommend the Vongole (P295,P695).  This is simple linguine drizzled with the white wine oil and topped with fresh clams, diced tomatoes and parsley.

My favorite dish would be the Al Forno Shrimps (P495, P895) which translates to four big mouth-watering shrimps covered with melted parmesan. Now this dish, you would want to finish on your own. The shrimps are oven-baked thermidor style and served with the staple side dishes of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.  The family-sized serving would include around 12-14 shrimps.

 I remember Ian saying that they don’t want people to come to Trio for the promos; they want people to come because of the dining experience.   Trio’s happy hour, every hour – buy 1 take 2 cocktails – may be added motivations to get your appetite for Italian food going. But the Al Forno shrimps and other surprises from Chef Benny are definitely the reasons for me to come back. Next time, they can expect the whole family to dine with me, Filipino style.

Trio is located at 2nd Level, Fort Pointe Bldg., Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig, Metro Manila. For information and reservations phone (2)8841601.

You might still be able to grab back issues of Appetite August 2011 in selected newsstands 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Healthy Options (and sinful choices) for hungry young writers - Pancake House, Megamall

Verdict:  Good for a casual lunch with friends or family.
Damage level:  around PHP 400-450 each, including dessert

They say that there's no such thing as a free lunch. But it looks like I'm being treated to quite a few lately. Last Tuesday was Pancake House free lunch day, and I decided to try their new healthy options.  I wasn't prepared to be taken to a lunch treat, so you'd have to forgive me for the yellowish cellphone photos.

My Healthy Option

Salmon Cakes with Brown Rice Tabbouleh and Dill Mayo (PHP185)

Tabbouleh is a traditional Arab salad made primarily with bulgur, a cereal food consisting of different wheat species. The Pancake House version was supposedly made with brown rice, but this doesn't look brown to me.  Even with the yellowish photo tinge, it clearly looks white, right?  I also couldn't get a taste of any spices. The tabbouleh reminded me of watery white rice with baby food consistency.

According to the menu, the salmon cakes were supposed to be crunchy. I couldn't feel the crunch, but I liked the tender texture of the salmon beneath the breading.  This viand is perfect for those on a low-salt diet.  For those looking for a tastier dish, skip this.

Ching's Healthy Option

Spicy Chicken Fillet with Brown Rice Pilaf, Garlic Cream Mayo and Lemon Wedge 175

Ching tried the chicken paillard (pounded or thinly sliced meat) with pilaf. The dish had strong hints of thyme and was lightly seasoned.   It wasn't salivatingly amazing, but it was a good choice for a healthy eat in Pancake House. I'd rather have this, or better yet, their cream dory, than the tabbouleh.

Sinful Endings

Of course, you can't end a healthy meal with something as tasteless as water.  We just had to have dessert.

Sunrise Orange Pancake Tower with cream cheese filling (PHP235)

Elea's perfectly manicured hand pours in the orange syrup

The cream cheese didn't exactly "fill" the pancakes, but this was a decent dessert.  Considering that we each ordered mango crepes, I can't complain about not being filled.

Mango Crepes for Three Hungry Young Writers 144 each

Mangoes were sweet and the crepe itself was thin and soft. Next time I order this, I'd have it with my staple ice cream AND whipped cream.  Whipped cream only does not satisfy my sweet tooth.

Any free lunch on a working day is a good lunch, wouldn't you agree? Thanks to our supervisor for the treat!

Ching with daddy D.

Pancake House, Megamall is located in SM Megamall Basement/Lvl. Bldg. B, Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. Phone 02-633-7843 for inquiries.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Milk Tea at Moonleaf, Harrison Plaza Village Square

Verdict: Good for small groups or a quick take-out
Damage: somewhere between 45-200 pesos/person

There's Milk Tea Madness in Manila!  Have you noticed the milk tea stalls and branches popping up like Shawarma did a few years ago?

April and I decided to grab our tea plus milk at one of the most popular teashops in town -- Moonleaf.  What started out as a small store in Magiting St., Teacher's Village, Q.C. has now expanded to 3 new stores+11 branches around Manila including one in Los Baños, if I counted right. Search Moonleaf reviews in blogs and you'll see the teatoppers raving about Moonleaf's milk tea.

We were one of those who were able to catch the soft opening in Harrison Plaza Village Square last Sunday after an awesome church service at Victory Malate, which is within the same mall.  As a testimony to the Pinoy's new-found fondness for  tea, Moonleaf was packed with fans by the time we got there.

Despite the long line, we were served quickly and courteously by the staff.  I'm a milk tea fan and was excited for my Wintermelon Milk Tea as recommended by April.  And look, yay! It finally arrived!

My milk tea damage: PHP75 for the Wintermelon Milk Tea plus PHP10 for the pearls
I survived the milk tea test long enough to take some pictures. Those are tapioca pearls you see on my drink, but you can also try their teas with nata crystals, pudding, or even without milk.

I don't know if they forgot to add some flavor, but the "sweetness" that other bloggers say about the wintermelon brew was sadly lacking in this cup. As April said, it was matabang (lacking in flavor) compared to the wintermelon blend she had before at the Los Baños branch. No matter how long and how hard I sipped, I just couldn't get a hint of the "honey-fruit-like sweetness" I've read of.   I guess they still lack consistency when preparing their teas.

In fairness, the tea tasted freshly-brewed as advertised and had a slightly smoky taste, probably because of the wintermelon.   The pearls were also good, not soggy or hard. I have always liked the texture of tapioca pearls since the Zagu Pearl Shake craze.  The pearls in Moonleaf had the same chewy feel.

Was April's Yogurt Milk Tea with nata better? My pretty friend looks happy in anticipation of her drink.

April's wallet damage: PHP85 for Yogurt Milk Tea plus PHP10 for the nata
Yogurt Milk Tea was a new item on the menu and as a self-proclaimed yogurt fan (expect my yogurt food trips in a future post),  I just wasn't able to feel the yogurt in this one.   Well, I could definitely taste the fruity nata, but I expected a bit more creaminess from the yogurt.  Moonleaf, where's the yogurt?! *tears tears tears*

So, will I go back?  Well, yes, if I happen to catch another Victory Malate service. Or maybe I'll try the one in Maginhawa St., QC.  I just want to give this quaint shop another chance on a regular day and understand why others are raving about it.  I'll probably order the same thing, but with pudding. And maybe I'll also add in a slice of chocolate cake or cheesecake.

If I'm satisfied, I might have enough motivation to leave a memento on this nice wall. Just like these happy customers did.

Moonleaf is located at Harrison Plaza Village Square, Pablo Ocampo cor. Mabini St., Malate, 1004 Manila, Philippines. Store hours are 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM.  Check out other branches on their website.

Friday, November 25, 2011

What's the best food to eat for Christmas?

Some people dread the Christmas season, because they're expecting inevitable weight gain from all the tempting food they'd have to resist.  All I can say is...hwaaaattt?!

Christmas is about spreading love and joy and fun and celebrating Christ's birth.  Jesus was born in a simple manger and we don't even know what Mary and Joseph ate there.  Definitely, it wasn't turkey and cranberries and chocolate towers and fruit cakes. But that doesn't mean that we should unnecessarily starve ourselves.  Thank God if you can live a prosperous and healthy life and eat well.  Share all the blessings with someone!

Before you think that this is just an excuse to stuff myself silly for the holidays, of course it is! Kidding aside, the best food is eaten in moderation (a-hem).  This way, you'll have to make time to savor each bite...smells wafting, juices trickling, flavors bursting in your mouth, textures playing on your tongue...hmmmmm...yummmm!

So anyway, thinking about writing a pre-Christmas post made me hungry for food I'd love to eat this season.  Here's my top five.

I need my meat!

Christmas ham.  Honey glazed pure meat with thin ribbons of fat

Honey Baked Ham Recipe

Holiday Turkey with Cranberries. Slivers of turkey blanketed in sweet cranberry sauce.

Turkey Milanesas with Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Seafood gooooood!

Lobster Thermidor. Melted cheese on a pillow of fresh lobster meat.

Lobster Thermidor Recipe

Sweet thoughts

Chocolates.  The dark kind.  Truffles would be awesome.

Lindt Lindor 60% Extra Dark Noel Christmas Truffles

Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles Review

Dark chocolate and almond layered cake from Lolo Dad's Cafe.  This is absolutely delectable!  My review and a picture of this next year... :)

So right now, I am absolutely salivating and craving for everything.  If you're craving for what I'm craving, I placed the link to all the recipes/reviews on the captions.  I tried to get Lindt and Lolo Dad's recipes for you, but they threatened to toss me in a huge pool of chocolate (I would have gladly said yes, but I can't swim).

 What's on your list?  :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Fusion of Flavors at Lu

Published in Appetite Magazine, August 2011 issue

     Lu.  One simple syllable cannot capture the gastronomical feast that awaits the unsuspecting customer.   To the observant eye and discerning taste bud, Lu offers a luscious surprise.

A world of flavors

            Kristine del Gallego, Lu’s owner, is a lovely surprise herself.  Chic and attractive in a simple apple green dress, her quiet sophistication gives way to animated pleasure when she talks about her business.  The pretty meztiza says that Lu’s menu can be described as nice, simple, and healthy.  The words are true, but are an understatement to the culinary delights showcased in Lu’s menu.

       Contrary to the popular impression of being a Mediterranean and Moroccan restaurant, Lu prides itself on offering a mix of different flavors.  It’s comfort food and a world of flavors with a twist, Kristine emphasizes.  Then she instantly coins a new term and gives in a little, you can call it Mediterrasian.  Kristine says that she would like to avoid Lu being “boxed in” to a certain theme.    

An interactive dining experience

As if to prove her point,   Kristine asks us to try the Steamed Buns with Pork Belly Confit (P380).  The dish sounds like an elaborate way of describing your usual cuapao, but is actually one of the best examples of what Kristine would call a fusion.  Each palm-sized steamed bun opens to reveal tender slices of slightly salted pork belly, crunchy pieces of chicharon, juicy slices of soft peach and thin strips of fresh cucumber.   The coriander provided the twist, giving a slight flavor that explodes in the mouth. 

Kristine finds it enjoyable when customers deconstruct the appetizer, tasting the ingredients one by one before taking a complete bite.  I could understand their curiosity; pork and peaches are not your usual combination, but with this dish, the differing flavors and textures were a great mix.

            The steamed buns exemplify Lu’s aim – to make every meal an interactive dining experience.  Kristine explains that each bite is like a party in one’s mouth.  Lu is not the place to eat and run. The ambience here invites customers to linger and to talk, not just about any experience, but about the one most interesting thing at the moment – food!

It’s all in the lemon

            The twist in most of Lu’s dishes can be attributed to the ordinary lemon.  One would think that the lemon slices were just there to provide a dash of color; who would have thought that squeezing a small amount of citrus juice could immediately transform a dish?  One of our favorites was the Queso Fundido con Chorizo (P325) served with miniature pita bread.  Lu gets their cheese from the famous Malagos Farmhouse in Davao, so you can enjoy the fact that you're eating local, artisanal cheese. The torched gooey cheese has to be eaten hot, unless you wanted to spread waxy cheese on your pita.  We did not acknowledge the lemon’s presence, until Kristine told us to squeeze its juice on top of the cheese.  After doing this, I piled in all the cheese that my tiny pita could handle.  The tang of the lemon toned down the saltiness of the cheese.  Lu surprised us once again.

Other lemon-hinted recipes are the newest items on the menu. For starters, try the Cashew Crusted New Zealand Mussel and Prawns on Citrus Greens(P395).  The thin slices of fried wanton go very well with the juicy tenderness of fresh seafood and the zing of lemon and cilantro mixed with the greens.

 This lemon twist surprise was duplicated in the Turmeric Chicken with Pomelo-Cucumber Achara (P395). The chicken was grilled to perfection and served with sweet chilli sauce.  For another lemon-tinted dish, you could try Lu’s Gambas al Ajillo Angel Hair Pasta (P385).  The distinct smell and flavor of truffle oil blend well with this slightly spicy dish.  Or if you prefer something more luxurious to the taste, you could try my personal favorite – the Herb-crusted Lamb Spare Ribs with Bejewelled Couscous (P595).  This meal was the biggest surprise of all.  The lamb itself was subtly seasoned, while its crust was salty with herbs. The saltiness plus the lemon’s and couscous’ sour taste combined for an astonishing blend of flavors.

Happy endings

            I could say that we were served our just desserts by a talented crew of chefs.   I was undoubtedly full, but the head of the kitchen, 26-year old Enrique Moreno, was not done yet.  This young and innovative chef who assisted in the whole photo shoot still had time to whip up the impeccable end to a full-course meal.     Delightfully sweet, and slightly salty and bitter, the Cerveza Negra Butterscotch Red Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream (P350) was the perfect finale to Lu’s menu of surprises.

            There are still a lot of dishes to sample in Lu’s menu, like the Minted Pea Soup with Sundried Tomato Pesto (P315).  The creamy subtleness of the soup went nicely with the toasted Jamon Serrano crisp, which tasted like salty bacon.  But I’m going to ramble on again. Go check out Lu yourself for more tasty surprises.

Lu is located at G/F Joya Bldg., Joya Drive, Rockwell, Makati City, Metro Manila
For information and reservations, phone 02-4033991

You might still be able to grab back issues of Appetite August 2011 in some stores.  

Vendo Machine

This must be one of the most frustrating things that can happen to anyone who's craving.

 Perfect song: Hanging by a Moment.

Whoever you are who wanted Potato Fries that day, this gave me and Ching some good laughs. Sorry to sound sadistic.  But believe me, I feel you.

The Vendo Machine is located somewhere in Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong. No reservations.

Photos courtesy of Ching.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ye Dang Korean BBQ

First post belongs to Ye Dang.  We went here months ago, so forgive me if you notice some memory lapses. Why this for a first post?  So I could write a better review -- the best motivation to go back ASAP.


Verdict:  Best Korean restaurant for a casual date or for eating out with friends and family.  
Damage level:  around P500 per person, more if you're feeling especially gluttonous.
Go here: 1) When you're hungry. 2) When you're more interested with tasty meat rather than Korean boys.

The Koreans have invaded.  And for once, I could say I'm pretty happy about it. I have to thank Leo for dragging us to Ye Dang for a late-night dinner.

I was pretty skeptical to eat Korean, since I'm a Japanese fangirl through and through.  But I admit, I was hooked by the time they served the complimentary starters and side dishes.

Unfortunately, these photos weren't meant to be blogged. can't take away the yummy-ness of  Ye Dang even with crappy photos.  Kimchi, spicy fish cakes, marble potatoes (yup it's somewhere there) and lettuce on one side...

Sweet anchovies, dipping sauces and more greens on the other end.

Did I say that these side dishes are unlimited?  Simply order two meat viands, and you get to request for the  side dishes of your choice to your heart's content.  I personally liked the spicy fish cakes best.  In other reviews, you might also catch a glimpse of mung bean sprouts and minty Korean shiso or Perilla leaves (deulkkae or tŭlkkae).  I think they ran out by the time we got there though, so better come a bit earlier if you want a taste of everything.

You might be tempted to peek at Koreanovela boys in this jam-packed resto, but believe me -- the man-meat isn't as tasty as the red-meat.  We had Pork Belly/Samgyupsal (below) and a beef dish, both of which I couldn't find fault with.  Well, except that my initial impression was that there wasn't enough for three.  You have to understand was late and  the onions and meat were making wonderful sizzling smells from the grill.

Meat is usually cooked on grills atop each table, but you can choose to have it cooked in the kitchen. This would take the fun out of the whole Ye Dang experience though. You might end up smelling a tad bit like BBQ, but it's worth it. If you're worried about the heat and smoke, each table has its own retractable exhaust pipe vent to take care of these.

All the meat was placed in this charcoal griller.

Strike a pose gals.  Aiah with her side dish, and Leo preparing hers the Ye Dang way.  There's only one way to eat here --   get a chopsticks-full of white rice, your favorite side dish, and a slice of juicy meat; wrap the whole shebang in leaves; plunge the mini-sub in sauce; and place the whole thing in your mouth.  I'm salivating just from the sheer memory of it!

We also had Bulgogi by the way, which is the best Bulgogi I've tasted so far... which explains why there are no pictures of that.

Stuffing ourselves silly with unlimited side dishes, two meat dishes, white rice, Bulgogi, cool pandan water, and more unlimited side dishes made us too full even for dessert.  We tried choosing some sweets in the Korean grocery near Ye Dang, but only Leo had the appetite to grab a box of ahem, Japanese Pocky.

I'm still partial to Japanese food, but Ye just make my tummy crave for Korean.

Ye Dang is located at 88 Meralco Ave, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. It's very near Metrowalk. Call 02-6361461 for reservations.