Thursday, December 1, 2011

Healthy Options (and sinful choices) for hungry young writers - Pancake House, Megamall

Verdict:  Good for a casual lunch with friends or family.
Damage level:  around PHP 400-450 each, including dessert

They say that there's no such thing as a free lunch. But it looks like I'm being treated to quite a few lately. Last Tuesday was Pancake House free lunch day, and I decided to try their new healthy options.  I wasn't prepared to be taken to a lunch treat, so you'd have to forgive me for the yellowish cellphone photos.

My Healthy Option

Salmon Cakes with Brown Rice Tabbouleh and Dill Mayo (PHP185)

Tabbouleh is a traditional Arab salad made primarily with bulgur, a cereal food consisting of different wheat species. The Pancake House version was supposedly made with brown rice, but this doesn't look brown to me.  Even with the yellowish photo tinge, it clearly looks white, right?  I also couldn't get a taste of any spices. The tabbouleh reminded me of watery white rice with baby food consistency.

According to the menu, the salmon cakes were supposed to be crunchy. I couldn't feel the crunch, but I liked the tender texture of the salmon beneath the breading.  This viand is perfect for those on a low-salt diet.  For those looking for a tastier dish, skip this.

Ching's Healthy Option

Spicy Chicken Fillet with Brown Rice Pilaf, Garlic Cream Mayo and Lemon Wedge 175

Ching tried the chicken paillard (pounded or thinly sliced meat) with pilaf. The dish had strong hints of thyme and was lightly seasoned.   It wasn't salivatingly amazing, but it was a good choice for a healthy eat in Pancake House. I'd rather have this, or better yet, their cream dory, than the tabbouleh.

Sinful Endings

Of course, you can't end a healthy meal with something as tasteless as water.  We just had to have dessert.

Sunrise Orange Pancake Tower with cream cheese filling (PHP235)

Elea's perfectly manicured hand pours in the orange syrup

The cream cheese didn't exactly "fill" the pancakes, but this was a decent dessert.  Considering that we each ordered mango crepes, I can't complain about not being filled.

Mango Crepes for Three Hungry Young Writers 144 each

Mangoes were sweet and the crepe itself was thin and soft. Next time I order this, I'd have it with my staple ice cream AND whipped cream.  Whipped cream only does not satisfy my sweet tooth.

Any free lunch on a working day is a good lunch, wouldn't you agree? Thanks to our supervisor for the treat!

Ching with daddy D.

Pancake House, Megamall is located in SM Megamall Basement/Lvl. Bldg. B, Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. Phone 02-633-7843 for inquiries.