Friday, December 30, 2011

Ceramic knives: a cut above your average steel knives

A woman who cooks needs her cutlery.  Her chef's knife should be as enduring as her spirit and as sharp as her tongue.  The moment she takes hold of her knife, she should know that they belong together, like fragrant kitchen smells and mothers.

I'm not a woman who cooks. But my mom is. For quite some time now, she's been harping on about the colorful ceramic knives used by the kids in Junior Master Chef Philippines.  When I saw this handsome charcoal black ceramic knife, I just knew that its dark sturdy grip would be perfect for her smooth white hands.   

Ceramic knives seem to have dull edges, but you'd only have to lightly touch their tips and look closely at the curbs of their smooth bodies to realize how cutting-edge they truly are. They're not necessarily sharper than all steel knives, but these guys can out-cut your average steel knife contender anytime.

Don't let their hardy exteriors fool you; they're more lightweight than steel knives of the same size, making them less fatiguing to use.  They're also resistant to corrosion and won't leave any aftertaste on your food. 

However, since they're created from very hard material (ceramic is second in hardness to diamond), ceramic knives are also more brittle. Don't use them to crush garlic or cut through bone. They should also never be handed over to an abusive partner who takes his cutlery for granted. If you're one to toss your knife to the kitchen sink after using it, don't get a ceramic knife. However, if you're one who knows the worth of his cutlery, then this baby is for you.  Take care of it and you can be assured of long years together.  

You can trust your ceramic knife to be with you ten times longer than a high carbon steel knife.

Unfortunately, I wasn't aware then that there were also "best brands" when it comes to kitchen knives.  The best ceramic knives are said to be made by Kyocera (the first to actually market them) and Asahi.  A 7-inch Kyocera Chef's Knife would cost you around P3500.00. 

If you dislike sharpening your knives frequently and know how to pamper them, then go and get a set of these sharp-edged cutlery.    

Kaiser Hoffmann 7" Ceramic Chef's Knife, Dark Edition (P1250) is available at Rustan's Supermarket, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.