Friday, November 25, 2011

What's the best food to eat for Christmas?

Some people dread the Christmas season, because they're expecting inevitable weight gain from all the tempting food they'd have to resist.  All I can say is...hwaaaattt?!

Christmas is about spreading love and joy and fun and celebrating Christ's birth.  Jesus was born in a simple manger and we don't even know what Mary and Joseph ate there.  Definitely, it wasn't turkey and cranberries and chocolate towers and fruit cakes. But that doesn't mean that we should unnecessarily starve ourselves.  Thank God if you can live a prosperous and healthy life and eat well.  Share all the blessings with someone!

Before you think that this is just an excuse to stuff myself silly for the holidays, of course it is! Kidding aside, the best food is eaten in moderation (a-hem).  This way, you'll have to make time to savor each bite...smells wafting, juices trickling, flavors bursting in your mouth, textures playing on your tongue...hmmmmm...yummmm!

So anyway, thinking about writing a pre-Christmas post made me hungry for food I'd love to eat this season.  Here's my top five.

I need my meat!

Christmas ham.  Honey glazed pure meat with thin ribbons of fat

Honey Baked Ham Recipe

Holiday Turkey with Cranberries. Slivers of turkey blanketed in sweet cranberry sauce.

Turkey Milanesas with Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Seafood gooooood!

Lobster Thermidor. Melted cheese on a pillow of fresh lobster meat.

Lobster Thermidor Recipe

Sweet thoughts

Chocolates.  The dark kind.  Truffles would be awesome.

Lindt Lindor 60% Extra Dark Noel Christmas Truffles

Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles Review

Dark chocolate and almond layered cake from Lolo Dad's Cafe.  This is absolutely delectable!  My review and a picture of this next year... :)

So right now, I am absolutely salivating and craving for everything.  If you're craving for what I'm craving, I placed the link to all the recipes/reviews on the captions.  I tried to get Lindt and Lolo Dad's recipes for you, but they threatened to toss me in a huge pool of chocolate (I would have gladly said yes, but I can't swim).

 What's on your list?  :)

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