Monday, November 21, 2011

Ye Dang Korean BBQ

First post belongs to Ye Dang.  We went here months ago, so forgive me if you notice some memory lapses. Why this for a first post?  So I could write a better review -- the best motivation to go back ASAP.


Verdict:  Best Korean restaurant for a casual date or for eating out with friends and family.  
Damage level:  around P500 per person, more if you're feeling especially gluttonous.
Go here: 1) When you're hungry. 2) When you're more interested with tasty meat rather than Korean boys.

The Koreans have invaded.  And for once, I could say I'm pretty happy about it. I have to thank Leo for dragging us to Ye Dang for a late-night dinner.

I was pretty skeptical to eat Korean, since I'm a Japanese fangirl through and through.  But I admit, I was hooked by the time they served the complimentary starters and side dishes.

Unfortunately, these photos weren't meant to be blogged. can't take away the yummy-ness of  Ye Dang even with crappy photos.  Kimchi, spicy fish cakes, marble potatoes (yup it's somewhere there) and lettuce on one side...

Sweet anchovies, dipping sauces and more greens on the other end.

Did I say that these side dishes are unlimited?  Simply order two meat viands, and you get to request for the  side dishes of your choice to your heart's content.  I personally liked the spicy fish cakes best.  In other reviews, you might also catch a glimpse of mung bean sprouts and minty Korean shiso or Perilla leaves (deulkkae or tŭlkkae).  I think they ran out by the time we got there though, so better come a bit earlier if you want a taste of everything.

You might be tempted to peek at Koreanovela boys in this jam-packed resto, but believe me -- the man-meat isn't as tasty as the red-meat.  We had Pork Belly/Samgyupsal (below) and a beef dish, both of which I couldn't find fault with.  Well, except that my initial impression was that there wasn't enough for three.  You have to understand was late and  the onions and meat were making wonderful sizzling smells from the grill.

Meat is usually cooked on grills atop each table, but you can choose to have it cooked in the kitchen. This would take the fun out of the whole Ye Dang experience though. You might end up smelling a tad bit like BBQ, but it's worth it. If you're worried about the heat and smoke, each table has its own retractable exhaust pipe vent to take care of these.

All the meat was placed in this charcoal griller.

Strike a pose gals.  Aiah with her side dish, and Leo preparing hers the Ye Dang way.  There's only one way to eat here --   get a chopsticks-full of white rice, your favorite side dish, and a slice of juicy meat; wrap the whole shebang in leaves; plunge the mini-sub in sauce; and place the whole thing in your mouth.  I'm salivating just from the sheer memory of it!

We also had Bulgogi by the way, which is the best Bulgogi I've tasted so far... which explains why there are no pictures of that.

Stuffing ourselves silly with unlimited side dishes, two meat dishes, white rice, Bulgogi, cool pandan water, and more unlimited side dishes made us too full even for dessert.  We tried choosing some sweets in the Korean grocery near Ye Dang, but only Leo had the appetite to grab a box of ahem, Japanese Pocky.

I'm still partial to Japanese food, but Ye just make my tummy crave for Korean.

Ye Dang is located at 88 Meralco Ave, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. It's very near Metrowalk. Call 02-6361461 for reservations.

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