Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why I Choose Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Desire is sitting down at Coffee Bean with Oscar Wilde and some sweet dark brew. There will be nothing between me and the pages, except the turning. ~ abbygabyfoodie

What's on your cup?  Mine's definitely filled with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Tea Latte .   I didn't really jump on the coffee shop craze, because I think many of these stores sell overrated, overpriced brews.  The Coffee Bean is a different story though.

CBTL mixes up a lip-smacking, luxurious tea latte that just begs to be inhaled and imbibed in your system.  Made with delicious Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf French Deluxe Vanilla, fat-free milk, and dream-infusing foam, this is a heartwarming, soul-refreshing, lovely blend.

 I can stay at Coffee Bean for hours listening to soothing guitar music, while gulping down a Chai Tea Latte with my favorite author.  Or I can just sit there and talk to a close friend, while delicately sipping the warm goodness of an Apple Pie Tea Latte.  For tea-lovers and romantic bookworms like me who beg to be enchanted, CBTL is the perfect choice.

Coffee Bean with my friend, Leo. She got Mocha Ice Blended, while I got my usual tea latte in Apple Pie flavor
Thanks to Leo for this photo 

I also love Coffee Bean's Give in to Giving campaign, which they started in 2010.  This year, they're giving out Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journals if you complete 18 beverage orders from any Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch.  The best part about it?  Proceeds directly translate to the sponsorship of 8 university scholars through Real LIFE Foundation's "Adopt-a-Scholar" program.  Aside from Coffee Bean freebies, the journal gives you the opportunity to give back and share joy and inspiration to others.  Isn't that so gratifying, heartening, uplifting... and just plainly cool?

Coffee Bean and Tea Life 2012 Giving Journal

You can get your Giving Journal until January 31 from any Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch.  If I were you,  I'd ask friends to meet me in a CBTL branch and everyone can order tea lattes in different flavors.  It's the modern version of a tea party. African Sunrise, a favorite of mine, would fit those who would like to try a vanilla sweetness with a hint of orange tang.  Those with a sweet tooth could try Double Vanilla.  The safest choice and easy favorite is Chai.  Other brews are Moroccan Mint, Tropical Passion, and English Breakfast.  Their coffee also delivers a strong kick that puts other high-priced caffeine to shame.

Why Coffee Bean? Because taste and lots of love matter.

If you need a coffee shot for instant revival or would love to wax sentimental over a cup of tea latte, please call me. I'd be more than happy to go with you and place your order to complete my 18 cups of happy warmth.

This Apple Pie Tea Latte (P140, regular) is bought from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  Gateway Mall.