Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chocolate Store Gives Free Chocolate in Exchange for Good Deeds

In an innovative marketing brand strategy, Danish chocolate brand Anthon Berg turned heads while setting up a “Generous Store” where consumers had to pay with good deeds instead of cash.   The project conceptualized by agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded had people queuing up for one and half hours, so they could purchase chocolate boxes in exchange for tasks such as serving breakfast to a loved one, talking nicely to their mother, and over 30 other generous deeds. Through an iPad app, people who “bought” the chocolates then had to log-in to Facebook, select a person they wanted to be generous to, and post the info along with a photo of the chocolates to their Facebook walls. 

You can watch the awesome video right here:

I think this is a genius move by the ad agency. It kept up with the Anthon Berg tradition of generosity, became an instant attention-grabber, and was a great way to inspire people.  Most people would line up for chocolates without any added motivation (I would).  But to hand out sweet freebies AND inspire people to do a good deed at the same time?  That's one superior chocolate-loving move that's going to be hard to beat.