Monday, June 4, 2012

Vegetarian Dinner: Bean Curd Adobo and Pickled Garlic

My sister Kate has been trying to convince us to go vegetarian or at least pescetarian or pollo-vegetarian for the past months. So once in a while (when she finds the time to go home that is), she whips up something vegetarian-ly delightful in the kitchen.

Last Sunday was an Indian-inspired dinner.  Kate cooked bean curd with mushrooms, adobo-style and served it with some pickled garlic.  I love Indian food, so I was really excited to try this simple recipe.

Bean curd adobo

Pickled Garlic and Pita Bread from an Indian food store
Kate bought the a bottle of pickled garlic from an Indian food store in Mandaluyong, and I really like the sour-spicy taste. The label says its made from garlic, raisins, and almonds. Just spread a little on sliced pita bread (a pack pf pita only costs P35 in the same Indian store), add a spoonful of the bean curd adobo, and cram everything into your mouth. The bean curd only costs P100 per kilo (approximately, 4 blocks of bean curd). I must warn you though, pickled garlic is not for those who don't like that distinctly Indian flavor.

I don't think I'll ever go 100% vegetarian, but if my sister cooks all the time, there might be a slight chance.

Kate's Bean Curd Adobo
(serves 3)

one block bean curd, hand-shredded
1 huge white onion, sliced into half moons
1 whole garlic, peeled and chopped or crushed
1 small can button mushrooms (shiitake would be a lot better), sliced
soy sauce

* heat garlic and onion in frying pan
* put in shredded bean curd and mushroom
* add soy sauce and a very small amount of vinegar, Filipino adobo style. The amount depends on your taste
* stir-fry everything until cooked
* serve with sliced pita bread and pickled garlic