Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is a Selecta Magnum Moment Worth It?

Unilever's Selecta Magnum has teased curious tastebuds wondering if the relatively expensive ice cream bar is worth all the hype and hoopla.  As I mentioned in my previous post on the Selecta Magnum Classic, the Belgian coating is good, but the vanilla ice cream needs some work.  But that's just me.  Despite reviews of being overhyped and overpriced, the Magnum is still selling out on groceries and Mini-Stops that you just can't help but wonder what is it with this ice cream?

Selecta Magnum infographic by myManila
Overhyped and overpriced ice cream?

I'd like to think of the Magnum as a lower-level Apple product of ice creams.  It uses a  marketing strategy that  entices customers to actively seek out a brand because they believe it can fulfill the need (in this instance, the need to belong. haha.).  By marketing itself as the most expensive mass-produced ice cream, the Magnum creates in people the desire to know more about its value for money, causing a snowball effect that makes others want to identify themselves with previous Magnum taste-testers.   This reminds me of the iPod which people buy because they want to imbibe its "cool" vibe.  People don't want the iPod just because it's useful as an mp3 player (you can get way cheaper alternatives); they also want to acquire the status Apple products bring.  The Magnum is not a status symbol (some have even called it the poor man's Haagen Dazs), but in a similar way, people want to acquire something only the Magnum can give; that is, the feeling of being "in".  They've been asked, "Have you tried the Magnum?", and their interest is piqued the more they're asked that question.  They can't help but give in to the latest craze.   And this is actually pretty crazy behavior for some who have tried the pricey cooler.  But still, it works right?  I've seen people ask on Yahoo Answers if the Magnum is worth it and there are numerous reviews online entitled "Just Another Magnum Review" or something along that line.  But after reading all criticisms, you'd still want to try it for yourself.  Probably only the truly snotty Ben and Jerry's and Haagen Dazs fans will turn their noses at it.

You've got to admit that Magnum chocolate is more than your average Pinipig Crunch (which sells for a bit over P20), so I can't understand why people think its overpriced.  That said, the sucker for chocolate that I am tried the Magnum Almond.  Here's another shot of my pretty Magnum model:

Selecta Magnum Almond Model Ching who has a very inspiring blog called everyday sunday

I found this sweeter than the Classic, and though you can't expect it to be as amazing as the gelato I tried at Bar Dolci in The Fort, I still liked it and I'd buy it if I wanted something ice cream and something real chocolate. If you lower your expectations a bit -- its P50, not P150-- you will too.

So, are you going to give in or are you going to be left out?

In areas where the hype has died down, the Selecta Magnum Almond is available in all groceries and convenience stores.  Now I only have the Truffle to try.